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is a General Practitioner of Chinese descent who qualified in 2001 near the top of his year with an Honours degree from the University of Leicester. He works as a GP Partner at the Westbank Practice in Starcross and Exminster, qualifying as a GP in 2006 and is currently a GP trainer. He won the Tressider Prize for Anatomy for his year at University and does regular minor surgery and injections as well as acupuncture in his daily practice. He has been practising Acupuncture since 2008 almost on a daily basis in his day to day GP practice and sees in excess of a 100 patients a week with numerous different complaints (only some of these patients are suitable for acupuncture treatment).He has had numerous successes with Acupuncture and believes it should be used as an adjunct to conventional therapies, and sometimes as an alternative to traditional medical treatments. He also works with the University of Exeter Medical School to deliver a Special Study Unit in Acupuncture to introduce Acupuncture to the new generation of doctors.

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